What is the GVSU Surplus Store?

The GVSU Surplus Store sells GVSU property that is no longer being used by the University to the general public. The GVSU Surplus Store also recycles items that fail to meet quality standards of sale to the general public. Our mission is to keep reusable items & recyclable materials out of the landfill while simultaneously bringing revenue back to the University’s general fund.

Does the GVSU Surplus Store take donations?

Currently, the GVSU Surplus Store is only able to accept items from the University. We are not able to take donations from the general public at this time.

Why does the GVSU Surplus Store have limited open hours?

The GVSU Surplus Store has very limited full time staff and student employees. In addition to public sales, the store is responsible for collecting and disposing of University property, so staff also spends a significant amount of time picking up items on campus and recycling those items or preparing them for sale. The GVSU Surplus Store is holding as many open sales as possible as resources allow. We hope to keep growing and be able to offer more open hours to our customers soon!

Why is the GVSU Surplus Store's inventory always changing?

The Surplus Store’s inventory comes from used University property as that property is cycled out of operation at the University. This causes our inventory to constantly change, so make sure to check back with us often. We don’t always expect the same items to return!

Where do items at the GVSU Surplus Store come from?

All of the items being sold at the Surplus Store come from departments on any of the GVSU campuses. As property reaches the end of its life at the University, it is brought to the Surplus Store for either public sale or recycling.

Do GVSU Alumni get a discount at the GVSU Surplus Store?

No, GVSU alumni do not receive a discount at the GVSU Surplus Store due to the already low prices of our inventory.

Why are there more items in store than what is listed online?

The inventory at the Surplus Store is constantly changing and our staff tries their best to update the website with as many products as possible. Surplus Store staff will prioritize listing higher value items or items with a large quantity online first.

Where and when do I pick up my online order?

All orders can be picked up at our new location in Standale at 429 Standale Plaza NW, Walker, MI 49534 during open hours Monday through Friday from 10 am to 3 pm.

What payment methods are accepted at the store?

Cash, Credit Card and Checks are acceptable payment methods offered at GVSU Surplus Store.

Are items tested?

Surplus Store staff tests all items within our capabilities. If the item has not been tested, there will be a disclaimer on the online listing and/or on the item itself in store. Items that have been tested and have defects will also be disclosed online and/or in-store. Please note, all items are offered for sale on an "as-is" basis with no warranty of guarantee. All sales are final, and there are no returns.

Can my items be shipped to my house?

All items ordered online must be picked up at our Standale location. The GVSU Surplus Store is currently researching shipping options, but in the meantime, all orders must be picked up.

Why do I have to enter a shipping address if I have to pick my items up?

The shipping address is a required field by our website provider that we are unable to change.

How long do I have to pick up my purchase?

Customers have one week from the date of sale to pick up their purchase at our Standale location.

Can I return or exchange an item I purchased?

All items are offered for sale on an "as-is" basis with no warranty of guarantee. All Sales are final, and there are no returns.